Janet was born in northern England and obtained her BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen in 1981. Between 1981 and 1986 she worked for Syntex in Edinburgh and then returned to the academic world to study for a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, which she gained from the University of Glasgow in 1990. Various post-doc projects ensued, in Glasgow, Uppsala and San Francisco (UCSF); all research performed was focused on the then emerging world of population analyses. In 1996 Janet joined the Medical Products Agency in Uppsala, Sweden. Within the agency her interests focused on mixed effects modelling, drug drug interactions and paediatrics. She left the agency in 2000 but has maintained to this day her strong interest in the regulatory aspects of PK and PK/PD in new drug development and how this information can be used for the benefit of the eventual patient. After leaving the agency Janet began working as a consultant specialising in mixed effects analyses, especially the modelling of complex absorption profiles, and the implementation and integration of modelling and simulation into new drug development. She first worked as a consultant for Pharsight, then spent 13 years at Exprimo before joining the newly founded Occams in late 2015. Janet has been active in the organisation of the PAGE meeting since 1999.

Janet has many publications on mixed effects analyses and has written several book chapters on regulatory aspects of the PK and PK/PD parts of new drug submissions. She is frequently approached to give advice on all aspects of the clinical pharmacology program. Janet lives in Uppsala, Sweden.

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